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Our salon is unique not only due to its incredible atmosphere and individual approach, but because we have a Beauty Bar! In the hustle and bustle of busy city life, there is never time for a proper meal, so we invite you to enjoy a refreshing drink and a delicious meal with pampering yourself!


Water Acqua Panna 250ml 250 rub
Water San Pelligrino 250ml 200 rub


Espresso 150 rub
Double Espresso 200 rub
Americano 200 rub
Macchiato 250 rub
Cappuccino 300 rub
Latte 350 rub
Matcha 350 rub
Turmeric Latte 350 rub
Cacao 350 rub
Raff Coffee 350 rub

Choice of Milk:
Regular, Almond, Soya, Coconut


Assam 360 rub
Earl Grey 360 rub
Black tea with Bergamot 380 rub
Milky Oolong 380 rub
Green Tea 380 rub
Green tea with mint 380 rub
Jasmin green 380 rub
Chamomile tea 380 rub
Ginger tea with raspberry 450 rub
Sea-Buckthorn tea 450 rub
Red Berry tea 450 rub

Juices & Smoothies

Juices & Smoothies DETOX 365 rub
Juice 330ml 400 rub
Smoothie 330ml 350 rub
Lemonade 330ml 250 rub



Cream of Pumpkin soup 360 rub


Buckwheat 150 rub
Grilled vegetables 600 rub
Steamed spinach 310 rub

Main course

Grilled sea bream 950 rub
Grilled Chicken 670 rub
Grilled Salmon 990 rub
Steamed turkey cutlets with vegetables 620 rub


Salad with tomatoes & tarragon 380 rub
Salad with tomatoes & stracciatella cheese 480 rub
Salad with greens, vegetables & poached egg 370 rub